Most of these photos reflect my focus on the land of southeastern Utah--both the vistas and details of the land.
© Bill  Rau PhotoID# 14885609: Log to wall Arches National Park        slide show (7)
Most people only see portions of Arches visible from where the paved roads lead them. Yet, get a short distance of the roads and find quiet, solitude, and totally different perspectives.

© Bill  Rau PhotoID# 14897305: Dancing in the rock Art within the Rocks        slide show (15)
The Colorado Plateau region is filled with native peoples' rock art. I have taken the "rock art" concept and adapted it to art within the rocks. Designs, patterns, textures begin to multiply as we look more closely at the details within the landscape.

© Bill  Rau PhotoID# 13544406: Light on mesa Book Cliffs        slide show (4)
The Book Cliffs are magical and rarely visited. The name Book Cliffs is generic for a vast region of foothills, cliffs, and plateau. Some oil and gas extraction has been occurring for several decades, and more is threatened, including tar sands strip mining. For now, much of the Book Cliffs remains wild, quiet, and unique.

© Bill  Rau PhotoID# 14682446: Downpour Canyonlands National Park        slide show (4)
The three districts of Canyonlands offer endless possibilities for photographers. The images here are a snapshot of what is possible.

© Bill  Rau PhotoID# 14594841: Exploding cloud Castle Valley        slide show (8)
I live in Castle Valley, Utah. Many of the images here are taken from my front porch, but every one of the homes in the valley has a perspective that is special and unique.

© Bill  Rau PhotoID# 14998946: Lightning strike Storms and clouds        slide show (9)
Winter snow, Spring winds and rain, summer monsoon storms all create opportunities to enjoy the power and beauty of nature above the land.

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